The gravity system with roller conveyor is particularly suitable for pallets with homogeneous high rotation references.

These types of shelving systems are ideal for all industrial sectors, especially for products with maturity problems such as those in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The gravity solution is particularly suitable for the intensive storage of pallets with FIFO logics: the first pallet that enters is the first that is taken (deposit on the upper side and pick up on the opposite lower side).

By depositing and picking on the same side, with the counter-slope roller conveyor, it will be possible to store the goods with the LIFO logic: the last pallet inserted is the first to exit.

The gravity racking solution can be sized in accordance with the anti-seismic local regulations


Pallet rotation with expiration.

Save time when moving pallets.

Direct access to the pallet to be picking up.

Optimization of available spaces.