Minileg: the solution for multiple applications

With the MINILEG shelf, the designers and technicians at Cosmet have been able to combine beauty, functionality, elegance, practicality, essentiality of form and strength.

Therefore, one of the major characteristics that distinguishes the MINILEG shelf, is certainly its versatility of use, since it represents the solution for multiple applications.

For design, harmony and elegance of the line, it is the ideal shelf for shops, offices, pharmacies. While for practicality, functionality and load capacity it is the ideal solution for workshops, warehouses, archives and hardware items.

The MINILEG shelving has a patented interlocking structural system, particularly suitable for light loads and storage solutions where the goods are stored and picked up by hand (picking).

The most important feature of the MINILEG shelf, which clearly distinguishes it from the other shelves, are the shelves that are inserted into the support beams.

This particularity, in addition to the particular characteristics of its design and the possibility of being able to use a wide range of accessories, such as partitions, drawers, trays, coat racks and doors, give the MINILEG shelf interesting features of flexibility of use, functionality and rigidity.

The interlocking system, simple and functional, combines maximum assembly speed with considerable rigidity and load capacity.

In addition, the loading surface can be customized, making it perfect with the specific needs of the customer: A custom-made shelf.

For reasons of aesthetics and safety, the junction point (support beam – upright) is placed inside the upright of the shoulders, so that on the outside it appears smooth and without sharp edges or dangerous and unaesthetic protrusions.

The shelves can be adjusted in height with a step of about 3 cm.

The basic elements are: the shoulders, the support beams and the shelves.

Robustness, Reliability and Practicality

Minileg shoulders are vertical elements composed of: uprights, crosspieces and diagonals assembled with bolts and base plates.

The shoulders can be closed with metal sheets; in this case, they will not have cross beams or diagonals.

The uprights are made profiling steel strip ; the crosspieces and the diagonals are the elements of the shoulders and are bolted to the uprights; this peculiarity allows varying the depth of the shelf and therefore a greater versatility of use; it also represents a solution for a more economical transport, also allowing the transport of mounted shoulders.

The base plates have the function of uniformly distributing the load to the foot of the uprights.

Standard shoulder sizes are:

Heights: from mm. 2,000 to 7,500;

Depth: from mm. 326 to 826.

Special dimensions on request.

The MINILEG support beams, given their particular shape, as well as bind and stiffen the structure, also perform the important function of increasing the load capacity of the shelfs.

Length: from 700 mm to 1,500 mm

For larger loads, we have shaped special support beams of sizes from 1,000 mm to 1,800 mm

Made in metal steel sheet. Edging is done on the longer side with 3 folds and on the smaller side with 2 folds. Some standard shelves are reinforced for the entire length with one or two metal reinforcements.

Depth: from 300 mm to 800 mm

Width: from 700 mm to 1,200 mm or 1,500 mm

Minileg Shelf and Components

  1. Shoulder MINILEG
  2. Supporting slats
  3. Shelf
  4. Metal sheets
  5. Trays and dividers
  6. Knight dividers
  7. Drawers
  8. Hinged doors
  9. Coat hanger


  • Filling sheets
  • Drip containers: installed above the loading surfaces. They consist of front sides with a height of 100 mm and backsides of 200 mm between which dividers can be inserted at will in steps of 50 mm
  • Knight dividers: Consisting of a support base on which a vertical separating plate is welded with the dimensions of the base mm: 75 × 526 vertical dimensions mm: 526 × 250
  • Drawer units: they adapt to any shelf and are equipped with full extension telescopic guides; our assortment also includes lockable models
  • Hinged doors: to recreate a real wardrobe inside the shelving

• Clothes hanger: clothes hanger tube * If the dimensions of the accessories are not indicated, it means that they may be subject to change